Four Australian All Star Cheer & Dance Event Providers collaborated in 2015 to develop an independent scoring system for the Australian cheerleading community.

These four Event Providers span 3 states and have over 50 years of combined experience as competitors, coaches, judges, gym owners, educators and event providers since competitive All Star Cheer & Dance was established in our country in 2001. The Australian Independent Scoring System (AISS) was developed utilising this extensive knowledge and experience as well as listening to feedback from coaches throughout the country.

The AISS aims to benefit everyone in the cheer community:

Athletes will be able to perform their best at competition, knowing the judges have a fair system to reward teams where they deserve.
Coaches will have a clear set of guidelines to follow to maximise their team’s chance of success. These guidelines will help structure routines and allow coaches/choreographers to be truly rewarded for their creativity and innovation. The AISS also aims to make your life easier by not having to change your routines between different Event Providers.

Judges will be able to reward teams across all areas in a fair and consistent manner. This system allows judges to be confident in their scoring, focusing on rewarding teams without having to continually learn new rubrics and ranges for each new event they judge.
Event Providers will be able to offer a scoring system at their independent event(s), which will be consistent with other events across the country.

The AISS aims to be clear, easy to understand and rewarding of creativity, innovation, difficulty and technique in all areas.


50% Building Skills (Stunt/Pyramids/Tosses)

30% Tumbling Skills (Standing/Running/Jumps)

20% Dance & Choreography


To encourage diversity and to avoid routines becoming ‘cookie-cutter’ replicas of each other, it was decided that creativity needed to be rewarded across all areas of the scorecard. This will allow teams to really shine, and for coaches/choreographers to be rewarded for their creativity and innovation.

Scoring Guidelines

The “below level”, “low”, “medium”, “high” and “max” ranges have been displayed on the scorecard, as well as guidelines which clearly outline what will be rewarded by the judges and how difficulty can be increased. As coaches generally aim for the high range, this scorecard allows plenty of room within this range for judges to be able to rank teams according to which routine displays the best creativity, technique and difficulty on the day.


Are you an All Star Cheer & Dance Event Provider & Would Like To Use The AISS?

All Star Cheer & Dance Event Providers are welcome to use the AISS by contacting any of the following creators:

Danielle Jiminez:

Nerine Cooper:

Briony Keenan:

Emma Slater:


* 2016 Cheer & Dance Scorecards available soon.